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Seconds La Lune & Le Soleil - Large

Seconds La Lune & Le Soleil - Large

£32.50 Regular Price
£27.63Sale Price

SECONDS SALE - these little guys didn't make the cut & have slight defects but they're still adorable. Defects include engraving detail.

15% off - non returnable item - sorry


The moon (la lune) & the sun (le soleil) have both been beautifully hand drawn & then laser cut using silver & gold mirror acrylic to reflect the light. Single versions are also available, as well as matching earrings.


La lune is a reminder to think carefully as everything may not be as it seems. Listen to your inner voice to find the answers but be wary of the illusions in your own imagination.


Le Soleil brings positivity and inner peace. Symbolising the end of dark days, use this to look forward to brighter, happier days.


Dimensions = 65mm x 54mm x 4.5mm

Chain Length = 18"

Stainless Steel chain


TLC - Do not spray any perfumes onto this piece

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